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Like many other reptiles the. The Chinese water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) is a species of agamid lizard native to Since it recognizes differences in light, the parietal eye can also help the lizard avoid predation from birds and other aerial threats, and can awaken.

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By Kagataxe - 10:52
Chinese water dragons (hysignatus cocincinus) are distinctive looking green lizards native to China, If your dragon has closed his eyes and won't open them​.
By Zulushakar - 23:35
Like many other reptiles, Chinese water dragons possess a small, iridescent, photosensitive spot between their eyes referred to as the pineal eye (or parietal.
By Kagakinos - 17:09
I developed a passion for water dragons in when I first saw a gorgeous green lizard with bright golden-brown eyes staring back at me through its tank in a.
By Goltilkree - 09:41
The water dragon is a large species of lizard native to the forests and jungles of Asia The Asian water dragon also has a third eye (known as the pineal gland),​.

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